Native Housing Consulting Services, LLC

Who is Native Housing Consulting Services (NHCS)?

Strengthening Families through Homeownership






Tohono O’odham Ki:Ki Association has created a partnership with NHCS to provide home loans to the members of the Tohono O’odham Nation.

What does NHCS do?

  • Assist with collection of loan documentation.
  • Provide budgeting and financial education to borrower
  • Loan Underwriting
  • Assist borrower with budgeting
  • Review credit with borrower
  • Produce loan disclosures for borrower
  • Create Action Plan for borrower to become mortgage ready
  • Produce final loan documents for borrower

For more information please contact:

Lisa Garcia, Director

Maria Cohen, Principal

Phone: 480-610-1677


Download information you need below:

Client Introduction  TOKA Homeowner Q and A
Loan Document Needs list Loan application
 TOKA Authorization Form