Road to Homeownership

Road to Homeownership

Step 1

LAND.  The TO Realty Department will assist you in determining what type of land you have available or are eligible for.  They will also advise you of the steps necessary and time frames to secure land for home loan purposes


Select an available lot that TOKA has acquired to develop, which will have a Sublease, Homesite Lease, or Assignment.

A Recorded Land Lease may be required prior to loan approval.

Step 2

Loan Application – Submit loan application with all required documents to TOKA’s Application Processor.

Native Housing Consulting Services, LLC (NHCS) will process information to determine two things:

  1. 1.  Down Payment Assistance (DPA) eligibility based on household income.  Your yearly household will determine which DPA program you would be eligible for an approximate eligibility amount.
  2. 2.  Mortgage readiness status based on documents provided and pulling a tri-merge credit report.

If you are mortgage ready your file will be processed and submitted for pre-approval.

you will be contacted by NHCS to:

  • Review a loan product you are eligible for
  • Review of prospective loan amount, monthly payment, term, closing costs and down payment
  • Review of TOKA down payment assistance program – Individual Development Account (IDA)

If you are not mortgage ready you will be contacted for a meeting.  The following will be discussed at your meeting:

  • Credit counseling related to any credit issue that needs to be addressed
  • Debt counseling related to qualifying for your mortgage
  • Action plan  – An action plan will be developed if you are not mortgage ready at the time of your meeting.  This plan will illustrate what steps need to be taken by you to become a homeowner

Step 3

Loan Approval – Once you are mortgage ready your loan will be submitted for an official loan approval.  You will be notified no later than 2 days after the decision.

Step 4

Design – You will select from a limited number of “pre-designed” floor plans, you will also choose options and amenities that are within you loan approval budget.  Your loan approval will determine your affordability and the maximum amount of money you home can cost.

Step 5

Signing Purchase Contract – You will sign you Purchase Contract that will stipulate the feature and pricing of your new home.

Step 6

Construction – If your home is not yet constructed then construction will begin.  Inspection is conducted throughout the construction phase to ensure your home is built to code and plans and specifications of your floor plan.  If applicable, you will have the opportunity to perform a Home Inspection during this stage.

Step 7

Loan closing.  You will be scheduled to go sign loan closing documents at the Title Company in Tucson.

Funding.  Once loan documents are signed the loan will be funded the next business day and you’re ready for the final step.

Step 8


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