About Us

Originally established in January 1962 as the Papago Housing Authority, the primary mission has been to provide safe, affordable housing for tribal members. Through developing home designs and infrastructure, more than 1,000 homes have been constructed on the Tohono O’odham Nation since the organization’s inception.

With countless hours of engineering, architectural design, and actual construction, many things have been learned throughout TOKA’s 50 years. For example, there have been various methods of construction utilized to create the 34 series of homes that have been developed over the years.

TOKA continues to move forward working with the Nation’s districts to identify and allocate new sites for development. We are continuously seeking out new contractors and consultants to bring fresh ideas to the table. We have also upgraded our computer systems and brought in the latest technology to work with. Most importantly, we are incorporating a higher level of construction methods to produce a home that will meet the needs of tribal members for years to come.

Mission Statement

The Tohono O’odham Nation will promote and develop affordable quality housing opportunities in a safe and healthy environment; promote and establish homeownership opportunities; operate the housing program in efficient and effective manner; improve and strengthen relations with residents; and promote partnerships with community and private sector for private mortgage capital financing to maximize housing opportunities for all eligible Tohono O’odham tribal members.


Thank you from the Tohono O’Odham Ki:Ki Association!