LIHTC Housing for students

IMG_2870Are you a student and are you looking for housing?
You maybe eligible for our LIHTC program

Who will be served? – The Arizona Department of Housing’s (ADOH Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) program has mandatory income limits.  Students may reside in LIHTC housing, however there are some restrictions.  If all members of the household are full-time students, they cannot live in a LIHTC unit unless they meet one of the following five expectations:

  • All adults are married and entitled to file a joint tax return ( copy of tax return will be required)
  • The household includes a member who receives Title VI Welfare (TANF) (General Assistance does not qualify)
  • The household contains a member in a program similar to the Job Training Partnership Act (JTPA) also known as the Workplace Investment Act (WIA)
  • All adult members are single parents with minor children.  The adult is not a dependent of any third party and only parent claims the children in the household.  (Copy of tax return or signed affidavit will be required)
  • The household includes a member who has received foster care assistance in the past five years.

If one member of the household is a part-time student or not a student at all, the household will still qualify.  The above expectations only apply to households where everyone is a full-time student.  A full-time student is defined as the following:IMG_3658A household member who attends elementary, junior and senior high school, or an institute of higher learning.  (Pre-K and Head Start are not considered full-time students) and;  Are considered full-time by the school that they attend, and; attend for any part of any 5 months in a calendar year.

For more information please contact: Serena Jose, Stella Harvey or Jeffery Antone Sr.

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