LIHTC – Low Income Housing Tax Credit

LIHTC is a Low Income Housing Tax Credit program that is a dollar for dollar tax credit created in the U.S. for affordable housing investments. It’s funding we receive from the state in order for us to build new or rehab existing units.

Eligibility requirements: In order to qualify Household income would need to meet the Pima County Median Income % between 40%, 50% or 60%, depending on household family composition.


Pima County % of AMI  

1 Person


2 Person


3 Person


4 Person


5 Person


6 Person


7 Person


8 Person

40% $17,000 $19,400 $21,840 $24,240 $26,200 $28,120 $30,080 $32,000
50% $21,250 $24,250 $27,300 $30,300 $32,750 $35,150 $37,600 $40,000
60% $25,500 $29,100 $32,760 $36,360 $39,300 $42,180 $45,120 $48,000

Preferably TOKA Rental/NAHASDA application should be filled out and turned in for processing to get on the waiting list. This also requires documents of household Birth Certificates, Enrollment and Social Security Cards. As well as background and credit checks are done within this time.

Once Rental/NAHASDA application is processed and placed on the waiting list and a unit becomes available the waiting list would be screened and applicant will be called to do a LIHTC application in person.

Application for LIHTC is done in person and cannot be mailed out, if further assistance is needed arrangements can be made to complete the application accordingly.

As long as the Rental/NAHASDA application has been completed and all required documents have been received, no further documents required all income is verified through 3rd party verification.

If you have any questions contact person is Serena Jose, LIHTC Admission & Occupancy Specialist or Stella Harvey.